That’s a wrap!

Nearly two years to the day, I have finally completed on my little flat after many hours of obsessing over details so minor that no-one but me would either notice or care! My project has been an emotional one for many reasons, and as I look back at how far it has come since the start, I am immensely proud of what has been achieved. I hope you will agree!29 Minford Gardens 0001 29 Minford Gardens 040 29 Minford Gardens 006 29 Minford Gardens 010 29 Minford Gardens 012 29 Minford Gardens 014 29 Minford Gardens 015 29 Minford Gardens 023 29 Minford Gardens 025 29 Minford Gardens 029 29 Minford Gardens 038 29 Minford Gardens 039 29 Minford Gardens 040  29 Minford Gardens 044


The Stripes Strike (again!)

Striped door
It’s inadvisable to let me loose with a paintbrush. I couldn’t resist painting this black stripe on my bathroom door, it just adds a little something and I hate that the first thing you see when you walk into the front door is the bathroom, so in a bid to distract from the loo shot, this is a little way of averting the eye. Shame I can’t fit the door handle, but every day’s a school day huh?!

Art on a budget

Framed artwork

The idea of walking into an IKEA, Habitat or indeed any high street store, picking out a framed art work prints off the shelf to take home and put on my wall and look the same as everyone else’s walls has never really appealed. Nor, strangely enough has spending a lifetimes savings on limited edition artwork been an option (yet!) so in the mean time – how do you choose images which are personal, without adorning your walls with naff pictures of you/friends/family at the top of mountain peaks/out on the town with the girls?  On a recent trip to the card shop Scribbler for the obligatory birthday/wedding/card top up I found so many prints which I realised would look amazing on the wall. So, £5 later and these little beauties now sit next to my bed. Who says there’s no such think as cheap artwork?

Homage to Kate

Kate Moss Vogue Covers
Kate Moss Vogue Covers

After many years of moving from flat to flat with my beloved Vogue magazines, it fills me with great joy to be able to say I have finally found a home for them (well for three at least but who’s counting?!) I know many a fashion lover who holds onto their fav mags, only one day to have to accept they are never going to use them for anything more than a stacked up side table (to which I already have one) however these black aluminum frames from Habitat allow the whole magazine to be framed without cutting the covers off and indeed retain their full (and I am sure one day) high value.

So once I have finally chosen from the many favoured pieces,  some of which scarily date back to at 1999, they look fabulous mounted on my stripe hallway wall and I can finally say that it was worth holding onto them for all that time. Now, what to do with the rest I wonder…?

Lights, camera…


I have been aware of these truly unique and slightly industrial style lights by Tom Dixon for a while now, not least because the studio sits on the cool side of the canal opposite my office. I seem to have an innate ability to pick all things pricey, and so the likeliness of being able to spend £250 on a single light seemed slim.  Imagine my excitement when a sample sale sign was spotted on the gate outside and so I promptly sharpened my elbows in preparation for the scrum.  Well scrum it was! At up to 80% off, the trendy shoppers were whipping up a frenzy, grabbing everything in sight yet I managed to get my hands on four (yes I know) lights for the same price as one full price version, coming away with only minor bruises and all limbs intact; not bad.

Unfortunately this is just the start of the escapade, as it now involves electricians and rewiring logistics to put them where I want, so for now my lights are still waiting patiently, but I can’t wait to get them up and showing off their glowing glory, I  know it will be worth the wait.

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Opening up

Glass and aluminium wall

I have recently become obsessed with the idea of knocking out my hall wall and replacing with an industrial style glass and aluminum wall to open up the space, giving light to the rest of the flat. Even though the flat is Victorian outside, as the interior has been stripped of all features, I don’t think something as bold and minimal as this would look out of place. I love these images as inspiration, just need to find an architect, glass supplier and fitter, simple huh?!

Love London

Bevelled edged mirror

My quest for a long, thin, steel framed mirror defeated me unfortunately (not that perhaps I am too specific with my searches!) and I have been keen to get something up on the wall behind my sofa to open up the room a little – and so a quick trip to one of the few remaining Habitat stores and there I came across an amazing bevelled edged mirror (at a bargain price of £60) which I think works almost as well! This teamed with my newly framed ‘I heart London’ print created by the very talented James Anderson which adds a further injection of colour, it’s all coming together rather nicely. Next task is roman blind making – slightly trickier than picture framing I fear.

A stripy hallway…finally!

IMG_1603I have finally got round to painting my stripes in hallway, opting for grey rather than black for a slightly softer version. Adorning only one wall (as I feared it would be rather too much to have both in such a small space) I am so happy with the results!

Out with the old

Revamping an old wooden chest of drawers
Black Gloss chest of drawers
Black Gloss cabinet

Having discovered the wonders of Chiswick car boot sale one chilly December morning, I came home laden with goodies and a head bursting with ideas for amazing cheap ways to kit out the flat. Not having an outside space can be tricky when doing things like this, but on the plus side, I don’t use my kitchen that often it appears and so I kept this amazing chest of drawers drying happily in there for a few weeks.

The unit needed a lot of rubbing down due to a shiny (but very battered wood veneer on the outside of this chest of drawers, followed by a quick undercoat with white emulsion and then a few coats of black gloss.  The cupboard was £20 and the paint was cheap as chips, which meant this whole little exercise came in at around £25 and the results I would say, are pretty impressive…

Knitting in neon

Neon Knitted Snood

A worrying fact to admit, but my love for knitting and being crafty has temporarily taken over my desire to go out every night (not helped by the endless nights of -2 degrees outside) and so I have started taking on commissions for various different things. Blankets are available in a range of neons (yellow, pink, orange and green)  I also knit snoods and my most recent favourite thing yet these tiny baby booties made for some friends new borns, complete with neon ribbons – I have to admit it, I am completely hooked!

Knitted Baby Booties
Neon Knitted Baby Booties

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